Sentai DVD Rambling Part 6: What I Think Of Carranger And Megaranger DVD Releases During Power Rangers Turbo's And Megaranger's 20th Anniversary

What I missed or didn't miss is that the Carranger DVD release and the upcoming Megaranger DVD release happen in the year 2017. In short, both DVDs are released during the 20th anniversary of both Power Rangers Turbo and Megaranger. Both shows were also under the production of Shigenori Takatera who was also the man behind Gingaman, Kamen Rider Kuuga, the first half of Hibiki and Daimajin Kanon. 

Gekisou Sentai Carranger

I remembered some rants I made about Carranger. My first Carranger rant was that I thought Toei and Shout should have considered a Turboranger DVD release. It was because Turboranger may have something Mighty Morphin' fans can relate to. But it seems that Toei's decision might be led by this that they released Zyuranger because it was what Mighty Morphin' was based from. Then you have Dairanger, Kakuranger, Ohranger and now Carranger. Carranger didn't really raise the ratings back to normal and that it was really Megaranger that did. Carranger only had good toy sales but not a rating much higher than Ohranger. Both Ohranger and Megaranger had lower ratings but had a lot of toys to offer unlike the Fiveman meltdown where Jetman saved Super Sentai. 

My other rant is that why I actually prefer Carranger over Power Rangers Turbo. Speaking of Power Rangers Turbo I still can't forget that awful movie it had before the series came to the TV screens. I really hated that movie and I still do. The TV series isn't any better for me. I guess Carranger must have picked up more fans AFTER its airing than during its airing huh? It's a fun comedic series and I actually like how the silly the show is. Although I tend to say that I prefer Super Sentai over Power Rangers for being more serious (which isn't always the case) but I also prefer the humor of Super Sentai over Power Rangers. Note that a more serious Super Sentai series doesn't always translate into a better series

So what do I think that Carranger is getting released on Turbo's 20th anniversary? Maybe it's unintentional but it should show the show where Power Rangers Turbo came from. It might be the time to see a show that wasn't so well-received in the past but may have ended up picking up fans in the recent years.

Denji Sentai Megaranger

I did rant about my wishful alternate DVD releases from Shout Factory. My wishful thoughts were to release Turboranger instead of Carranger, Changeman instead of Megaranger (because of Power Rangers in Space) and Flashman instead of Gingaman (because of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy). It might sound cool in my paper but it may not work in the long run. Then I gave Megaranger a second thought that it may be the Mega-Legendary Super Sentai DVD release that's going to make up for the horrible Powerless Rangers Megafail. If there's any true Mega series it's Megaranger.

I believe that Megaranger will be truly a Mega release for these reasons. It's time to reclaim the name Mega from Megafail. It's annoying how you had Megafail Rangers and now it's time for the true Megarangers to step in. Also, I think it's a huge tribute to the time Hirohisa Soda was a head writer for Super Sentai. I actually wish to see another video game themed Super Sentai series. The series was also the major debut of important writers like Junki Takegami, Yasuko Kobayashi and Naruhisa Arakawa who served as the show's major writers.

So what do I think of having the Megaranger DVD release on its 20th anniversary? As said, it may have not been intended. Zyuranger and Dairanger got released on 2015 and that would make them the show's 23rd and 22nd anniversaries respectively. Kakuranger got released on 2016 which would be the show's 21st anniversary. Strangely, Ohranger got released on Zeo's 20th anniversary and Carranger got released on Turbo's 20th anniversary. By the time Shout Factory release Gingaman (maybe by 2018) it would be Lost Galaxy's 20th anniversary. I guess it's just a coincidence that Megaranger gets a DVD release on its 20th anniversary.


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