Kyuranger Space 3: "GET OVER HERE!!!!!"

"GET OVER HERE!" is what comes into my mind with the latest Kyuranger episode. The episode takes place in the Planet Needle. The focus goes with the potential member of the Kyurangers namely Stinger. Stinger made his cameo in last week's episode and now it's his time to get his focus. Sidenote, we also learn that absorbing Planetium from countries would inevitably destroy the planet from where they're absorbed from. 

There's some progressive plot as unlike the other Kyurangers, this guy Stinger is pretty much a temperamental guy with some issues. Oh who does that remind me of? SCORPION from Mortal Kombat! Is he an assassin or what? A flashback hints or may not hint that he actually killed Doctor Anton who's Champ's creator. How will these two be reconciled when Stinger inevitably joins the crew? 

What reminds me of Scorpion is that we see Stinger getting manipulated by Eridron. Scorpion in Mortal Kombat had his motives before getting redeemed in Mortal Kombat X's storyline. Stinger also has his motives. Both Eridron and Quan Chi manipulate their respective scorpion-themed warriors. So how will Stinger join the Kyurangers? I can't wait to find out but I have to wait anyway. 

This episode also introduced us to the rebel commander Xiao Long Bao. It just makes me laugh to why the writer gave a name that literally means "small dragon dumpling". It's soup filled dumplings that was pointed out early on in the episode. How will he function as a rebel commander considering that he looks like he's happy go lucky? Hopefully, this will be fleshed out in episodes to come. 

So what's going to happen in the Kyuranger's fight to liberate the Universe from Jark Matter? 


  1. It is unintentional but we see the similarities there. Unfortunately Stinger has the tail behind his ass!!!

    I unfortunately do not have access on the video file loading network to obtain these episode in advance but I seen a few here and there it does look good. Like Kakuranger, they are doing the gathering format where they slowly unite characters per episode to complete the team.

    Overall, Stinger is the first dangerous Assasin anti hero to grace the Super Sentai team. Where as Gai Yuki and Masumi Inoue are rebellious and shifty they are not ruthless or heartless. Also the Scorpion motif is first used and he is giving the color Orange a actual identity.

    1. I personally don't think it's unintentional that Stinger and Scorpion have those common traits. I have a feeling that he might become my favorite Kyuranger considering Scorpion has been one of my favorite MK characters but I'm more of a Liu Kang fan.

    2. Kyuuranger is nowhere close to MK as it is a Outer Space Sentai not a martial arts Sentai.
      Stinger is a fan favorite because he is not the overused happy, positive hero like most of them all. He is a antihero and assassin which is grey darker then the rebellious antiheroes such as Gai Yuki and Masamu Inoue.
      He is the first of the amoral antihero that is too dangerous to have.

  2. this is interesting seeing a commander that being not serious, bcs past ss always have serious commander, cmiiw. De facto noe Raptor doing commanding the team.

    About team mecha i find this looks good, futuristic and don't look blocky (I hate that except for pre-zyu era) for last 3 series

    1. I hope that this concept will work. Trying new things has a lot of risks but it's best to try new things isn't it?

  3. oh, I hope spada got his focus, bcs I see him as the least that stand out as a unique character in the team

    1. That should also be a necessity though I wonder how Kyuranger will even out plot development with its team?

  4. yup, one of my fear for this massive members was bland character due to limited screen and episodes


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