Pictures to Tell Super Sentai Purists and Power Rangers Purists to SHUT UP!

Well here's Kenji Ohba from CSToys and he is endorsing Power Rangers.  Okay I do admit I don't like the fact that Power Rangers is overrated and overshadows Super Sentai BUT this blog is not meant to get rid of Power Rangers, this blog is meant to help Power Rangers fans know more about Super Sentai and a peacekeeping blog.  So argument invalid to all those who keep whining that, "YOU'RE WRONG!  POWER RANGERS IS FAKE." and I used to believe that until I did some research and rediscovered my soft spot for a franchise I grew up with.  And just a bit of everything... and more.

Yup here's a bit of our alliances coming together.  We have James MacLurcan meeting Yasuhisa Furuhara in person.  Yeah, I know it's kind of a language barrier but let's just think about it... Power Rangers and Super Sentai are on the same side of justice.  You can't have the Power Rangers Samurai teaming up with Zangyack nor Navi telling the Gokaigers to kill the Power Rangers Samurai.  So yeah while Power Rangers cannot exist without Super Sentai BUT Super Sentai is the parent show, nobody can exist without a parent.  I just hope though that the Power Rangers Samurai group (no matter how I disliked that show) will have their pictures taken with the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger cast though I'd like to see more a picture of Felix Ryan and Paul Schrier with the Shinkengers instead since I thought Bulk and Spike would want to go to Japan to learn the true samurai way.  I don't like Operation Overdrive but much later, I learned to respect the show and I really regret I had to write that horrible hate episode where Ichijou sent them to their deaths.

And just some more information: Power Rangers is an adaptation, not a bootleg, not a remake.  A remake stays in its country (ex. some Chinese films are remade in Hong Kong like Bruce Lee's film Legend of Chen Zhen is later remade with Donnie Yen as the lead) while Power Rangers is created for the AMERICAN audience like Meteor Garden was created for the Taiwanese audience.  Bootlegs are UNLICENSED and Power Rangers is a licensed child of Super Sentai.

So there!


  1. While I liked Super Sentai more -- it's because of Power Rangers that the series is even known to me, or most of the world. You can't dismiss it, purely for that reason.

    I always wondered if the American actors ever meet their Japanese counterparts. (though that looks like the Overdrive meeting Go-Onger.)

    I've been watching old Power Ranger episodes. Fun times from my childhood!


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