Most Intense Ranger VS. Bad Guy Rivalries

Here's a list of rivalries in Super Sentai I feel like were very intense, not just merely awesome battles but there's an ongoing development between them and it's more than personal. Here are they in no particular order as I choose it, some of you will normally disagree with my choices but that's okay and yeah, I might remove some or add some sooner or later. But for now, here's the list:

Hokuto Dan/Dyna Red vs. Prince Megiddo

The two fought each other at random, however Dyna Red caused Prince Megiddo to lose one tail early on. Eventually the grudge was carried over especially when Megiddo was banished by his own father for failure.

Hiryu Tsurugi/Change Dragon vs. Bubba

Thet wo had a rather intense rivalry which Bubba saw Hiryu as somebody he had to beat. It gets more intense when he was defecting from Gozma and wanting to die a warrior's death than die at the hands of his former employers, he challenged Change Dragon to a final battle which inevitably killed him, where he finally got what he wished.

Jin/Red Flash vs. Kaura

Aside from being just a powerful scene, they had their rivalry which I consider to be even more intense than that of Ley Wanda. Unlike to that of Ley Wanda (who was an artificial being), Kaura knew who the parents of the Flashmen were and plus, he's the one who kidnapped the Flashmen as babies. The intensity of their rivalry went as far as a brutal exchange of blows literally portraying the kind of rivalry they had. Strangely enough neither died from that duel, instead Kaura died in a sacrificial death.

Takeru/Red Mask vs. Igam

This is a pretty intense rivalry since while the audience KNOWS Igam is girl, Takeru thinks she's a he and that Takeru has no knowledge until later that Mio is actually Ial, Igam's twin sister which is a shocker to him. Okay it's not funny because Igam wants to kill Takeru in an act of honor killing because he caused Ial to smear the Igam name. The two of them really had much of rivalry until Takeru discovered the truth he should have known SEVERAL episodes ago- that Igam is a woman. Takeru attempts to stop their rivalry but she kept insisting in doing so especially she was Ial's older twin. In the end though, Igam had a second chance in life.

Takeru/Red Mask vs. Kiros

The rivalry between the two characters is a contrast between love and lust. Kiros' hatred for Takeru is motivated by lust. When Baraba revealed that Mio is Princess Ial it triggers the rivalry between the two of them more. Takeru is motivated by pure love while Kiros merely lusted after Ial's beauty. Kiros sought to destroy the Maskmen so Emperor Zeba can give him Ial. But it's Takeru he hated the most and he'd do anything to win even cheat to gain that victory he so coveted.

Haruka/Yellow Mask vs. Fumin

It's no secret how Haruka and Fumin are contrast to each other in some way. Fumin and Oyobur were competing against each other for the power of the Super Shinobi. This caused a real clash between Haruka and Fumin in that episode. One uses her powers for good and the other for evil. It's pretty much trying to do another yellow vs. catwoman rivalry during the Soda era.

Yuusuke Amamiya/Red Falcon vs. Dr. Kemp

They were rivals in Academia and the rivalry simply escalated when Dr. Kemp was in Volt. They had their all-out personal battles to which Yuusuke would say, "Friends why did you sell yourself to evil?" statement.

Megumi Mori/Blue Dolphin vs. Dr. Mazenda

Both represent polar opposites. One still believes in the use of human emotions while the other wants to discard them but uses them to carry out her sinister experiments.

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo vs. Yamimaru

Sure we had Red Turbo dealing with Zimba, Rehda and eventually Ragorn but I don't think any of them were as intense with his rivalry with Yamimaru. Yamimaru's heritage as a half-human, half-Bouma made him bitter towards everyone. The rivalry may rely on the fact that Riki still believes that the Nagare Bouma can find peace in this world. Yamimaru has been headstrong and stubborn about that idea of making peace but found it at the very end.

Gaku Hoshikawa/Five Red vs. Garoa

Although this is my least favorite rivalry in Fiveman but it does go a long way. A scared Gaku shot Garoa when he was a child causing a scar between the two. In episode 15, Garoah decided to handle the Fivemen himself proving he may be stupid but he's not to be underestimated. The rivalry didn't get too developed though as Billion and Chevalier also fought Five Red.

Gaku Hoshikara/Five Red vs. Billion

The rivalry of Billion and Gaku is more intense than what Garoa offered. Sure, Gaku did shoot Garoa but it was Billion who actually trolled him more. Billion was willing to play as dirty as possible just to get his revenge on Five Red. Billion even manipulated not one but two children in his quest to destroy his rival. First he had a monster possess a child's body. Later, he influenced a child to handle a cursed sword in his attempt to kill Gaku. Billion killed Gunther which in turn led to his demise at Five Red's hands.

Gaku Hoshikawa/Five Red vs. Chevalier

Chevalier arrived as a trolling villain though most of his rivalries ended up with Gaku. Not only did he replace Garoa as captain but also as Five Red's rival. It's interesting to see how Chevalier managed not only to temporarily murder Five Red (but his stupidity caused this to be undone) or how he always ambushed his rival. Although Chevalier's plans are usually just as stupid as Garoa's but I don't deny he was still a dangerous rival.

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk vs. Radiguet

Okay it's pretty standard at first that the two clash each other out- the hero vs. the villain. However there's really much that Radiguet did to make Ryu's life miserable throughout the series. So okay there's nothing new about the two's first encounter where Ryu marked him with his sword, however that wasn't just it. Ryu was incredibly pissed off at Radiguet's being a genocidal maniac. What was worse was that when Ryu could have had Rie Aoi back, Radiguet turned her back into a Vyram. Then it became the hero vs. the bad guy type of rivalry with a woman involved. The worst Radiguet did to Ryu was to actually kill Rie Aoi which led to Ryu seeking to settle their battle one-on-one. Radiguet's hate was so great that he actually in the Manga continuity, tortured Ryu in limbo and even turned Ryu's daughter Aya Tendo into his new minion Ruma. However it seems that Radiguet returned as a thug and killed Gai Yuki which however can be left speculative.

Ryou/Ryuuranger vs. Jin Matoba

Although I thought it started out pretty standard, however there's a backstory behind it especially Jin has become a powerful rival for Ryou himself. The whole Jin arc was not merely focused on besting out each other but also because Ryou felt like he had to stop Jin from doing any more harm.

Ryou/Ryuuranger vs. Shadam

As for Shaddam, it was a starting rivalry that got progressive. It was in fact a continuing war. In the end, Ryou killed Shaddam in the most simplest way- by STABBING the maniac. I just wished Daisuke Tachi were Shadam here though but Rintaro Nishi still did a good job nonetheless. If Daisuke Tachi were Shadam, there'll be the joke that Radiguet and Aya are Kou's parents.

Kou vs. Akomaru

These tiny badasses have a rather intense story especially they are twins. Kou is loving like their mother while Akomaru was cold and heartless like their father.

Kenta Date/Mega Red vs. Yugande

The rivalry started early on and Kenta supposedly killed Yugande in an earlier episode. Dr. Hinelar rebuilt Yugande and the two resumed their rivalry after that. The two have a deep rivalry that tries to show the difference between good and evil science in Megaranger.

Hayate/Ginga Green vs. Shelinda

Shelinda is cruel, menacing villain with a high sense of devotion for her master Captain Zahab. Her first grudge with Hayate was the scar she got from him. She would do anything cruel just to pin him down. In the end, Hayate as Ginga Green had no choice but to kill her.

Nagare Tatsumi/Go Blue vs. Denus

Another male vs. female rivalry which we can't discount. Nagare fell for Denus' human form during the time the latter tried to deceive him. When she was discovered this caused an intense rivalry between the two. Denus was also rivals with Matsuri but it wasn't as intense.

Yuuri/Time Pink vs. Don Dolnero

If anyone had a real rivalry with Timeranger's "main" villain Dolnero it's Yuuri. It went all the way back to her miserable childhood that explained why she's such a bitch. Dolnero had Yuuri's parents assassinated by Mad Gunner. That alone motivated Yuuri to arrest Don Dolnero and turn him in. She was devastated to have been deprived of her chance for revenge when Don Dolnero was mortally wounded by a malfunctioning Gien.

Shirogane/Gao Silver vs. Ura

The rivalry with Rouki wasn't as well-established as Shirogane's rivalry with Ura. Ura manipulated Shirogane who was under Rouki's possession. Shirogane did destroy Ura the first time but it didn't end there. Ura returned in an attempt to merge both Rouki and Shirogane into one person again which must have tortured the hero for a very long time.

Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red vs. Ryuon

I always felt like that Satoru's rivalry with Ryuon was pretty intense. Satoru and Ryuon both have these views- the pure heart of the adventurer vs. one who is constantly seeking for power. They frequently crossed swords. Satoru did have some respect for him when he thought Ryuon died but he was wrong. Satoru was concerned about Ryuon's humanity but Ryuon wasn't which soon led to a rather dramatic scene after a really awesome final battle. Satoru tried to assist Ryuon but he refused so think of what if Radiguet lost his powers and Ryu wanted to help a now powerless Radiguet. In the end, Ryuon was killed in the burning building. Later, the rivalry did resurface in Gokaiger episode "Heart of Hades".

Masumi Inou/Bouken Black vs. Yaiba

Compared to Gai Yuki and Gure whose battle was more of a standard rivalry, this one wasn't. So Masumi did meet Yaiba as a child and growing into adulthood, that darkness was in him. Yaiba sought to exploit the darkness in Masumi with the three headed dragon stick. Although Masumi did overcome the darkness and beat Yaiba, however Yaiba's last words haunted Masumi so much he left the Boukenger team. Gure would probably repulse if he were near Yaiba.

Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver vs. Quester Gai

The two pretty much had a history together no doubt about that from his childhood to adulthood. The fact that Eiji Takaoka is half-Ashu makes it even more intense than it already is. In the end, Eiji paid tribute to the two of them after they were dsstroyed.

Jan Kandou vs. Rio

This battle I can say is just awesome. Well Rio was a villain with a sense of honor who later reformed, Jan Kandou was his frequent rival. What they didn't realize was that Long was playing along with them. Their great rivalry however turned into friendship. It was indeed sad for Jan Kandou to see Rio being killed by Long in the finale.

Image result for juzo takeru
Takeru Shiba/Shinked Red vs. Juzo- It was pretty dramatic between these two. Although it started out as simply as Juzo "must get most powerful opponent", however Juzo revealed he had a sense of honor towards Takeru. Another, Takeru loathes Juzo's methods in combat and the rivalry progresses to where a now "nothing to live for" Takeru battles Juzo to the end. It ends with Juzo's departure to the afterlife after being defeated.

Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink vs. Dayu

This female to female rivalry is more than just standard. Okay it was standard until one day, Mako saw Dayu's past that would slap "Dayu get a life." So Mako thinks about the stuff that causes people to actually fall into Gedou. She felt sorry for her but for Dayu, Mako has become more annoying to her because her past was revealed to her rival. They did have one more match before Dayu was absorbed by her master Doukoku.

Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red vs. Basco

From all the Gokaiger battles, I find this the most intense considering they were once best friends turned the worst of enemies. And yeah, Basco was a betrayer at best. He's one of those bad guys I'll never stop saying is just plain awesomely evil that you'll want him to die towards the finale, which also gave more room to explore the backstory behind him and Captain Marvelous. Basco's death was a full circle to their rivalry than just there for the explosions.

Hiromu Sakurada/Red Buster vs. Enter

What I like about Go-Busters is how Enter is really someone who knows how to heckle his opponents. The best part was when he ended up having a rivalry with Hiromu. Enter's battle with Red Buster revolves around what it means to have humanity. Only if Enter had a more painful death than he had. I wish that Messiah returned, took over Enter's body and giving the villain the most undignified demise ever as a result of karma.

Ian Yorkland/Kyoryu Black vs. Aigaron

This is pretty much a must have revenge for my best friend plot. Ian saw his late friend Shiho Mifune murdered by Aigaron. In turn, this established the rivalry between the two of them. It's later revealed that Aigaron developed feelings for Candeleria. In the end, Kyoryu Black destroyed Aigaron by drilling through the latter's armor to release the latter's imprisoned soul.

Utsusemimaru/Kyoryu Gold vs. Dogold

This is a literal battle for the mind. I may not be a huge fan of Kyoryuger but I don't deny that this is an improvement of the whole Shirogane vs. Rouki rivalry in Gaoranger. Dogold possessed the very body of Utsusemiraru leading to their rivalry with one another. Utsusemimraru breaking free of Dogold's control led the rivalry to further escalate between the two.

Yamato Kazakiri vs. Bangray

It's disappointing to see a menacing villain like Bangray left. He and Yamato pretty much had a cool rivalry. I felt that Bangray made Zyuohger a little more interesting than usual. Why the producers decided to write off such an intense rivalry in favor of Kubar's plot development is beyond me.

Light/ToQ-1 vs. Emperor Zetto 

Perhaps the only ToQGer that Emperor Zetto clashes once too often is Light. Emperor Zetto is someone who is bored and just wants to escape his miserable existence but does a lot of awful (and stupid) stuff just for anything that shines. It's pretty much that Emperor Zetto is a fish out of water kind of villain. ToQGer's Light faces off with Emperor Zetto more than the others. The finale has ToQ-1 actually defeat Emperor Zetto (with the powers of the other ToQGers) rendering the latter to a comatose state like Orphnoch King in Kamen Rider Faiz.

Kinji Takigawa/Starninger vs. Kyuemon

A rivalry was developed between the two when Kyuemon fooled Kinji into holding the demon-possessed sword Urusame. This act of manipulation would develop an intense rivalry between the hero and the villain.

Updated: March 7, 2017


  1. Sean, you forget several rivalries that also lead to some memorable duels. Dynared vs. Megiddo after the 1st defeat and a tail hacked off. He continued his grudge and duel and also becoming the Dark Knight( no not Batman). The grudge continues till the end.
    Red Turbo vs.Yanimaru it looks like a HighSchool died but during the series it became a deadly game of cat and mouse.
    Fivered vs.Captain Goroa during a raid that tore the Hoshikawa family apart. A young Five red scared Goroa in the face during the melee and 20 years later a grudge would ensure until Vulgyre Empires defeat In the middle of the series Chavalier resume Goroa if not take over the grudge until the most intense final duel.
    The last and final duel is Brother vs. Brother in Zyuranger. For 6 episode Geki and Burai fought till the most comic and violent sword duel united the two as a family and Burai became a Ranger member as well.
    I like to put Jan and Lio but Jan is so unconvincing as a hero that I am not going to bother . But Gou vs.Rio was much more convincing.

    1. I Meant a High school feued between Riki Honoo and Yanimaru. And the sword duel between Geki and Burai was epic and violent. I hate this cell phone app and the stupid thesarus that is making all these illogical typos.

      I forgot another sibling rivalry, Kou vs. Akoumaru.

  2. Still so many more, Gai Yuuki vs. Grey. Those two had the best love hate rivalries but still had some sort of respect for each other. The Dairanger Jin arc was more for Ryo's concern for Jin as it was a idol worship thing and even as Jin grew more dangerous against Ryo as he tried to kill him in several occations. He still want him to change for the better even though with so many murders he committed he was ka
    rma doomed and almost unredeemable. Lio is a younger and much more powerful version of Jin Matoba but never set a goal in murder but only in revenge.

  3. what about Mega Red an Yugande of Denji Sentai Megarangers


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