Sentai Seniors I Wish Made A Reappearance in 2000s Sentai

Here are some of the senior actors I wish made a reappearance in the 2000s Sentai. Sadly they didn't.

I wished that Megumi Mori played as Oboro Hinata since Hurricanger was sort of a Liveman tribute.

I thought of it that even an older Mikiko Miki could play a good Swan in Dekaranger.

I wished that Daisuke Tachi returned in Boukenger to voice Ryuon or even become Ryuon's human form after Ryuon was defeated. I believe that Ryuon is a big SOB nope IMO the biggest SOB in Boukenger should have a voice as scary as Radiguet, though he wasn't that dark. Oh yeah, he could have made a good Long too but I prefer him as Ryuon.  Also I wish he voiced Doukoku as well.

I wished Takumi Hirose played Gaja in Boukenger.  Sadly, he had a very bad impression of how Tokusatsu is going as of recent. I thought as Gaja he could really kick the asses of the Boukengers.  I mean it would have been freaking awesome if he and Daisuke Tachi played as rival villains in Boukenger as well.

In Shinkenger, I wished that Hayato Tani played the part of Jii, the team mentor.  Goro Ibuki is fine but I thought that Hayato Tani as the mentor could have been better.

I thought that Ryosuke Kaizu should have returned in Shinkenger to be Takeru Shiba's father in the flashback. Hee hee. Pun intended. Then he can introduce Tori Matsuzaka to any lucky Filipino girl. :-P  What I thought also is his son could have acted as a younger Takeru in the flashbacks too.

I also gave some thoughts that Kanako Maeda should have returned in Shinkenger as Mako's mother.

I thought also Yasashiro Ishiwata should have appeared as Mako's father.


  1. if you ask me, assuming that there is a gosei green in goseiger (ie yousuke ito's first character has an identical twin brother, or a younger or older brother), then the father will be played by naoto ota aka shingo takasugi/green 2 in bioman

  2. i would also love to see fiveman's ryohei kobayashi and keiko hayase portraying the parents of gosei yellow and gosei black. plus any sentai depicting a red and pink as brother and sister then the parents are to be played by bioman's ryosuke sakamoto and michiko makino or turboranger's kenta sato and noriko kinohara

  3. shinkenpink's mother, also the ex-shinken pink being played by a veteran sentai pink ranger actress.. michiko makino (hikaru/pink 5), kanako maeda(momoko/pink mask), noriko kinohara(haruna morikawa/pink turbo) or kazuko miyata(kazumi hoshikawa/five pink)

    1. My pick for her mother would be Kanako Maeda.

  4. it would be best if each shinkenger's respective father/mother should have played by an actor with the same color.. since the former ohblue and megablue are there as well, i think one of them should have played the former shinken blue and ryonosuke/shinken blue's father. i agree with you that ryosuke kaizou should have played takeru shiba's father and the previous shinken red or any veteran sentai red ranger actor. the former shinken green should have been played by naoto ota aka shingo takasugi/green 2. the previous shinken yellow, depending on the gender of the shinken yellow should have been played by a former yellow ranger of the same gender, while the other plays a parent as well.. if the shinken yellow is male, then the father should have been played by a former male yellow ranger, preferably jyunichi katagihiri aka shunsuke hino/yellow turbo, tomihida naruse aka raita/yellow owl or sanpei godai aka futoshi kijima/goggle yellow while a former female yellow ranger plays the mother, though she is more of an ordinary civilian, or since the yellow ranger is female, then the mother/ex-shinken yellow should have played by a former female yellow ranger with a former male yellow ranger as the father

  5. how about hirohisa nakata who played mason in bioman, playing either a mentor, a supporting role, or a grandfather to one of the sentai rangers

  6. how about in timeranger, TimeRed's Older Brother/s Being Played by at least one Former Red Ranger. My top choice would be riki honoo then noriko kinohara plays riki honoo's on-screen wife

  7. I also wish Hayato Tani would return as a mentor, because I really like his appearance in Takeshi Castle...


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