Violent Scenes in Super Sentai

Super Sentai is known for being more violent than Power Rangers. Now I'd like to put some in picture form to what makes Super Sentai more realistic than Power Rangers despite the weirdness in it.

These pictures I hope will convince you NOT to imitate what you see on TV and that violence isn't fun! Some things to note:
  1. There's much damage when there's an attack and an emergency situation is NO joke.
  2. Some enemies come in a deceitful manner as portrayed in most of the series.
  3. Playing with dangerous weapons can hurt you.
  4. Justice and revenge are different. The super sentai team fight to protect people putting vendettas behind, revenge is all about self.
Here are the types of violence common in Super Sentai usually NOT seen in Power Rangers:

Knives were a common dangerous weapon in Super Sentai.

The use of guns have become common in Super Sentai.

Stabbing is another common violent act in Super Sentai.

Most fight scenes in Super Sentai are more intense than Power Rangers.

The heroes getting injured to a bad shape. Actually it seems Power Rangers Time Force and Power Rangers Wild Force were the only PR seasons that took emphasis on this. The most memorable one was the near death encounter of the Quantum Ranger in Time Force. Brutal civilian casualties are another usually accompanied by blood. Some scenes like them are deleted for example in the Philippines even if viewers know a lot of people died via dialogue. For example in Maskman they mention a lot of people are injured and some died but viewers don't see a thing because of censorship. Saban's PR later had the habit of telling the audiences that a lot of people were either injured or killed but we don't see anybody in that condition.

Holding captives in such a brutal way. Hmmm... surely the enemies are really almost as bad as those in real life.
Brutal deaths have become something. See super sentai deaths also.


  1. The later series seem to have become more sanitised than earlier ones - the violence isn't shown in so much detail. The first ever episode of GoRanger had literally hundreds of people getting killed and blown up within the first few minutes ...

  2. Don't forget, Dai Rangers had some violent psuedo Sonny Chiba karate death scenes with the episodes starring Demon Boxer Jin.
    And the fate that Time Fire shared with Battle Cossacks was pretty Brutal!!!


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