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Kyuranger 30: The Miraculous Kyutama

It's time for another weekly Kyuranger review. I'd probably slow things down here for now (or not) depending on how I feel. Anyway, this episode may catch you by surprise or it won't. 
Lucky's in a desperate situation and Tsurugi is willing to risk his life for Lucky. This also reveals something about Tsurugi's past 300 years ago.

So maybe in September 7, 2017 it was the time that Tsurugi was afloat into space and met the Phoenix Kyutama. He was about to die in space but he soon acquired its power to become the first legend against Don Armage.

It was interesting to see Tsurugi risk his life and reveal the power of the phoenix within. I was afraid he was going to die in this episode. Fortunately he didn't and I guess that's somewhat predictable for some.

It's amazing to see how Don Armage himself leads the army for the first time. He leads with his three generals who are supposedly destroyed but later, we find out they're not taken down to easily. …

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