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I'd Like To See Another Time Traveling Super Sentai That'll Teach Kids History Lessons

While I was having a friendly debate with Shogo B'Stard concerning Timeranger -- something entered into my mind while remembering some past seasons of Super Sentai where at least one episode had time travel. Flashman, Maskman, Liveman, Jetman, Abaranger, Gekiranger, Gokaiger (the Timeranger arc) and last year's Kyuranger had some time travel done. Kyuranger had episodes 29-30 as the time travel episodes. Now I thought about as Timeranger's DVD release is coming in -- why not try to look at an old concept and enhance it for this day and age? Kyuranger was able to give me the space themed Super Sentai I wanted to have, it's not exactly what I wanted to have but I enjoyed it for its "unique approach".
So what's my current wishful thinking? If you've tried watching Time Bokan, Time Squad or Back to the Future then you'd probably have an idea of what my ideal Super Sentai is. Time travel was heavily done during Kamen Rider Den-O though IMO it was very…

Time For A Lighter VS. Darker Shade Of Red

Well the friendly debate still resumes itself while Shogo B'Stard decides to do another two parter (Part 1 and Part 2) -- I'm going to do a one part reply once more. So let's get started, shall we? I thought about it that maybe Tatsuya IS my favorite character -- Naoto may have ended up as my second favorite character. It's almost like how I had Ryu as my favorite Jetman member -- whilst Gai becomes my second favorite in said show. Again, spoilers ahead to read at your own risk!
I'd like to bring some arguments about 6th rangers during the 20th century starting from Zyuranger up to Gingaman. We can take a look at Zyuranger where we had Burai/Dragon Ranger first appear in episode 17 and Kou/Kibaranger first appeared in episode 17 of Dairanger. Riki first appeared in episode 26 of Ohranger -- same went with Hyuga's return when he becomes the second Bullblack in Gingaman. But in the case of Timeranger, it's episode 28. Yup, it's the latest one and try to …

Timeranger For A Massive Foreshadow

I was reading through Shogo B'Stard's entries and yes folks -- the friendly debate has resumed between me and him. I was reading his two previous posts namely Time For The Time Shadow and Time For Future Unknown. Hmmm... I kind of find it funny that he should be raising up two writers I believe get tons of praise even for all their mistakes -- Yasuko Kobayashi and Judd Lynn -- both writers who have hit massive burnout after some time of getting praise from their respective fandoms. At the same time, he mentions about pacing which IMO is one of my issues with Power Rangers in general. Do you remember how Saban's usually had an average of 40 episodes or that Disney's rushed era had only 32-38 rushed episodes? I just feel like the super rushed seasons or the 40 episode format can be such a "Huh? That it?!" -- though I did feel that after watching the hit classic Metalder which was cut short probably due to budget constraints.
Now moving on the topic of discussi…

Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 10: Le Ice Gangler Arrives

Bonjour readers! Last week did have a rather depressing end. Le Lupinrangers are wondering how ils (they) are going to get leur wish to come true considering that a Lupin collection is supposedly destroyed. Okay pardon all the French words here but I kinda like throwing in French jokes so I'll pretend to be a French guy whenever I write a Lupinranger vs. Patranger related post!

Nous see a scene where Keiichiro (who's still unaware of the true identity of le Lupinrangers) offers a drink to Kairi. Kairi then overhears of le Gangler he was waiting for -- Zamigo Delma! Cette becomes le plot for le day.

Umika is trying to find fragments that could have been there but there's none. Le Patrangers also are concerned to why Medou didn't show up. It also had me wondering. It turned out it was a brilliant such a brilliant escape tactic.

Meanwhile, we see more shipping for Umika and Sakuya. At le same time, Kairi overhears some students talking about a weirdo who chews on ice.


Time For Yuuri's Revenge

Well, I'm back with my debate with Shogo B'Stard -- this time he presents his entry called Time for Jen's Revenge. I decided to present my own version called "Time For Yuuri's Revenge" which actually presented two crucial differences -- Jen's trauma was a more recent (ex. losing Alex who she was about to marry) one while Yuuri's trauma itself has been there since childhood.
There's a pretty interesting scene of Jen training which we don't see Yuuri doing in Timeranger. We also saw Jen actually fight Steelix out of suit all the while in Timeranger -- Yuuri was about to become a long range assassin. I guess all the badass moments Jen was given was made to cover up for plots that could have been inappropriate for Power Rangers. Yup, no one can deny Timeranger's brutality is really sky high -- which serves as a shallow reason for me to have my favoritism for the series. I guess the whole training scene Jen has is her still trying to cope up w…

Lone Starr And Barf In Spandex

Well it's time for a crazy nostalgia for last year's Super Sentai and I decided to do a crazy post yet again. If there's one thing that I can't get over is that I've actually said that Lucky is Lone Starr in red spandex. You can go ahead and think I'm actually watching too much Spaceballs though I haven't seen the short-lived Spaceballs cartoon. But I'm not going to stop with Lucky as I want to put Garu as Barf -- even if Barf is an anthropomorphic dog and Garu is an anthropomorphic wolf.

I couldn't help but notice that series events make me want to think about the friendship that these two managed to develop. At first, I thought about how they met and how they became partners. What I wanted to notice (at first) was how Lucky is what I'd call a really idiotic fellow who's the main character -- that would remind me of Lone Starr from the parody movie called Spaceballs. Lone Starr is a hapless, idiotic protagonist who just goes around without…

Meet The Dysfunctional Asamis

I remembered some time ago when I wrote about Timeranger as a complex battle with fate -- love them or hate 'em -- I'd like to write about the Asami Family in Timeranger! Spoilers ahead so read at your own risk!

I thought about casting decisions and everything. Fujita Okamoto was known for playing as the Turborangers' mentor Dr. Dazai. But here? He's the super cold Wataru Asami! I thought about the first few episodes that would explain why Tatsuya can be such a douche -- something that may have been amplified in Kamen Rider Ryuki's Shinji. So how does it work? Wataru once tried to escape the Asami Ship but ended up coming back in the end -- which was revealed in the episode when he got into critical condition.

I dunno -- there were many times I really wanted to beat up Wataru in more than one occasion. I know Tatsuya can be bull-headed at times -- but we know where he gets it from -- his father. I think it's crazy how Mrs. Asami can endure her husband's co…