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Is There A Huge Multiverse For Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero And Ishinomori's Tokusatsu Heroes?

So here it's my massive Wild Mass Guess on Toei's Multiverse which I thought I'd never get together!

After I wrote on the Super Sentai timeline and the use of self-contained continuities, I wanted to revisit something that I always threw out of my mind and returned back again for more than one occasion ever since I saw how Super Sentai VS Movies tend to contradict events from the two shows involved. The way that the guest roles of Lucky and Emu happen in both Kyuranger and EX-AID can't be connected. Lucky appears in EX-AID and Hojo has no memory of him even after they introduced each other in Kyuranger. WTF. So I got motivated to write this long speculative post with a trip back in time. So sit back and try to read it, comprehend it and see what could be going on in my imagination.

The Ishinomori-verse anyone?
Let's take a moment to respect the late but great Shotaro Ishinomori who's the man behind the Showa era Kamen Riders and the first two Super Sentai serie…

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