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My Thoughts On Dynaman In 36 Episodes

It's been some time since I haven't really done any update on Michael Bay Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. Millionfold Curiosity has released Dynaman episodes 20-36. I thought I'd do an update post on Dynaman after I saw 20 episodes but instead, it ends up with me writing on an update after I saw 36 episodes. Just a reminder: I won't be doing old school episode reviews since I'll be doing a marathon in sharp contrast to the weekly episode reviews based on Super Sentai's episode of the week. So just be ready for random Dynaman related posts than episode reviews.

What do I think of Dynaman after 36 episodes? I still can't help but joke that it's Michael Bay's production even if it isn't. The reason would be the huge explosions and maybe the clunky looking mecha. I could talk about a couple of stuff that I really find enjoyable about this series. While I didn't really find Battle Fever J and Sun Vulcan to be all that entertaining but I think Hirohisa So…

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